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I feel kind of odd putting this on tumblr (what a horrible, horrible way to find out, I’m so sorry), but some of you may have met her at World Cup and I was asked to let everyone know: one of uOttawa’s players, Meaghan White (known as Maggie) died of a seizure yesterday in France, where she was visiting one of our other players, Ben.

It’s so, so sad and such a shock, and the whole team is incredibly sad. She was a wonderful, amazing, bright, happy young woman, and had fantastic spirit and commitment. Ben said - and I know this to be true as well - that being on the Quidditch team gave her a lot of happiness and pride, and we were so, so honoured to have her and to have known her.

There was a 5am practice once where she, Ben, Reilly and I were some of the only people to show up, and we ran around in the dark throwing the white quaffles through the air and laughing when a small dog joined us. At our banner-painting party the night before we left for NYC, Maggie had paint all down her arms while she created our gorgeous hand-drawn banners. She was also our head facepainter at tournaments, as well as a stalwart Chaser and an amazing person. I saw her just last month when a bunch of the team went out to 90s Night after the NE Fantasy Draft, and she texted me last week asking if I was free to come to a Gourment Grilled Cheese Night. I’m still in a bit of shock, and not quite sure what to say. I have not even an inkling of what her parents and Ben are going through, it’s so horrible.

I never thought I’d have to say goodbye to one of my players; I know it’s a joke that they call me mom and that we’re a family, but it really feels so horrific to lose someone I cared for and cared about and played with. It’s a sad day for uOttawa Quidditch.

I hope your teammates are for you what they are for me, and I hope you let them know it. I’d like to thank everyone that’s already sent us their thoughts and kind words - take that love back to your pitch and your friends. I’m just… I think I might still be in shock, this is so horrible and I’m so sorry to have to tell everyone this.

I’m sending all my love to Ottawa tonight, guys. If any of Maggie’s teammates or friends need anything at all, let me know. I’m here for you.

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